March 2019

We have an excellent education system and teachers with a passion that surpasses or is equal to any teacher anywhere on this planet. It is a constant day to day battle to instill the drive for education and the social skills to interact with others in society yet our teachers and the education system achieve success after success. However some children are subjected to adverse situations where the education system, the skills and the passion of our teachers is not enough.

On a day to day basis I hear numerous remarks about the failure of our legal system, the education system, police, child protection agencies, counselors, psychiatrists and psychologists. I also hear numerous comments about the shortfalls of today’s parental guidance, discipline and morals

The majority of children are not exposed to any of the above and move forward in life with the education and social skills to enjoy life and achieve their goals. However we are on a slow downhill run and have been over the past few generations where violence, drugs, alcohol, gambling and other anti social behaviors have been on a steady rise. This alone tells us we are walking further into the dark. Unless we adapt to our new environment and change our methods we are slowly walking towards a total breakdown in society. The reason dinosaurs are extinct is because they could not adapt to change. Don’t be a dinosaur. We need to understand our system and educational shortfalls and look for alternatives or new methods to counteract this virus.

We need forward thinking people who accept and encourage change. To merely float along like a leaf in a stream believing that all will eventually find its way is detrimental to our children and future generations. To blindly follow a failing system and to throw more funding into a ever deepening hole in the hope of changing results is a misconception nurtured by our politicians and society in two ways, one because they don’t have the answer and two it shuts up the groundswell of discontent in society.

We must change direction before the train crashes. We need to work as a team and adapt.

MACHIL is a new and innovative method that has achieved outcomes well above expectations. Yes it is different and yes it may seem to fly in the face of many predefined teaching methods. It is a low key positive mind set program and it works.

Remember …

Old habits die hard

To walk the same path and expect a new destination is fantasy