3D Thought

You may ask what is 3D thought?

3D Thought is the ability to look at all sides and to enter and look from the inside. It is part of the MACHIL training. I have compiled the first fifty of many Life Prompts into a book as a guide and to stimulate 3D Thought. The Life Prompts are utilized in conjunction with the MACHIL training and teachings.

Don’t just read the prompts analyze them (3D Thought) and enjoy life.

An Example of 3D Thought – Science verses Religion

There are two common beliefs to explain life on our planet

Belief 1

There is a creator better known as God

Belief 2

Evolution and natural selection created life. (Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution). Charles Darwin had a theory all life on earth occurred by natural evolution. He stated if the natural elements and favourable circumstances exist life will evolve and find a way to adapt to its environment.

Religion states all was created by a creator – God

Let’s imagine a creator exists and he or she somehow engineered all the infinite stars in the sky. Our sun is a star and all the other stars, being other suns may also have planets revolving around them. In addition the creator supplied all the elements, for example hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and many more that may produce life. If the elements and favourable circumstances did naturally combine to produce life this would support Darwin’s Theory. In other words both science and religion would be correct as the creator created the stars and planets with the elements required and natural evolution produced life.

As a creator, to design and produce infinite stars and planets all with the same basic structure is overwhelming. Remember the stars are infinite, they go on forever. Or do they? And if they don’t what is beyond them? And again what is beyond that? However if there is no end how can that be?

What a feat of engineering and design to create such a never ending creation. Now let me think where did the creator come from? Maybe another creator created the creator! But who or what created that creator and who or what created the creator that created the creator that created the creator and it goes on.

What if both science and religion are wrong?