Is alternative training & counselling methods utilising both Psychological & Physical Defence Techniques. In todays world is just as important to strengthen the mind as well as the body.

Combat Depression, Anxiety and Stress. Increase both Internal & External Fitness.

MA – CHI – L

Martial Arts

Is the art of survival and being able to adapt to your environment. It is the art of understanding yourself and your environment. It is utilising all in your environment to achieve, succeed and survive. It is training your instincts, your body, your mind your personal & academic skills. It defends against physical and psychological threats.


Is your inner self, spirit, energy, life force, attitude and character. To be at peace with yourself and your environment allows you to focus and utilise your CHI. To focus and utilise your CHI achieves a greater level of inner strength. By utilising both Martial Arts and your CHI you will achieve a balance with all that surrounds you. Thus you will acquire happiness and a greater understanding of life and the universe.


Is the journey we all must take. Be it long or short. This journey can only stop with death. The direction and outcomes are variable. Utilising Martial Arts & your CHI you will increase your ability to direct, understand and enjoy life.

Steve Cats 1997 ©

The MACHIL Symbol

Is a guide and map for when you have lost your way. It reminds you of the knowledge and power of your MACHIL training. It is there to remind you of your inner strength.

It is YOU!

Throughout life we have various journeys and experiences. They move in many directions. Some good and some not so good. The journeys and experiences will occur sometimes with and sometimes without your consent. Many emotions are attached to the various journeys and experiences. They are symbolised by the arrows in the MACHIL symbol and their directions are symbolised by the lines of the triangle. Most people live in the arrows and are controlled by their movement thus floating like a leaf in a stream without their own control assisting in their destiny. True happiness and strength is gained by living within one’s self and not allowing the external journeys or experiences to depict your direction but merely assist you in making future decisions. To do this you must control your inner strength, spirit, soul and mind. This is your CHI
Your CHI is depicted by the centre star of the MACHIL symbol.

Steve Cats 1997 ©

MACHIL teaches you how to let the journeys and experiences travel around your centre CHI without allowing them to control your destiny
YOU control your destiny with inner peace and strength. Live in and focus on your inner CHI.

Founder and Master

My first introduction to martial arts was over 45 years ago. It was focused on self defense and fitness. Rigorous exercise and continual training was the answer. Over the years I involved myself in numerous forms of self defense. I have trained many various groups and individuals including people in the military, security industry, police, sporting bodies and public. What I noticed was that many people were able to achieve a high level of fitness and strength on the outside. However their inner core and psychological strength (CHI) was overlooked. To have self esteem, self confidence, focus, achievement, happiness and the ability to control situations and pressure day to day life inflicts upon us is a much harder task.

Steve Cats

It Is For You!

Why is Machil different

Self defense is the ability to to defend yourself against an aggressor. We are also attacked psychologically on a day to day basis with anxieties, stress, depression, abuse, bullying and much more. You do not require external muscles or fitness to defend against these aggressors you need inner core and mental strength. MACHIL is a combination of both physical and psychological training that can be tailored to suit your requirements. You don’t have to be physically fit. It is for all from 5 to 100 years, male or female.